Of the following descriptions of royal titles, which one is wrong?

Answer: prime minister / pasukan prime minister

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to royal titles, there are various designations used to denote the different roles and positions within a monarchy. These titles often reflect the hierarchical structure of a kingdom and can differ across cultures and historical periods. So, which one of the following descriptions is incorrect?

1. King/Queen: A king or queen is the highest-ranking royal title and represents the monarch who reigns over a kingdom or empire. They typically inherit their position through bloodline succession.

2. Prince/Princess: A prince or princess is the child or descendant of a king or queen. They may be in line to inherit the throne, depending on the succession rules, and often hold important roles within the royal family or government.

3. Duke/Duchess: A duke or duchess is a noble title given to individuals who govern a duchy, which is a territorial unit or region within a kingdom. They are below the monarch in the hierarchy but hold significant power and responsibilities.

4. Emperor/Empress: An emperor or empress is the ruler of an empire, which is a larger and more extensive form of a kingdom. They have supreme authority over multiple territories and kingdoms.

5. Archduke/Archduchess: An archduke or archduchess is a title used in certain European royal families. It typically indicates a position within the nobility that is below a monarch but holds higher prominence compared to a regular duke or duchess.

6. President: This is not a royal title but a political position in a republic or democratic system. Unlike the previous titles mentioned, the president does not inherit their position but is elected by the people or a governing body.

Out of these options, the incorrect description is number 6 – President. Although this is an important and influential position in a political system, it is not a royal title. The presidency is associated with a different form of government and governance compared to a monarchy.

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