How can you recall your troops from a flag?

Answer: As you would recall your troops from any building. You can tap your troop listing on the right side of the screen and recall them through that menu.

Some extra relevant information:

Recalling troops from a flag in the Rise of Kingdoms game is a crucial strategy that every player should be familiar with. Whether you need to move your troops to a different location or want to avoid unnecessary losses, recalling your troops effectively can be the difference between victory and defeat. Here’s a simple guide on how to recall your troops from a flag:

1. Open the map: Launch the Rise of Kingdoms game and open the map view. You can access the map by clicking on the globe icon located on the screen’s bottom right corner.

2. Locate the flag: Find the flag on the map where your troops are stationed. Flags are identifiable by their design and color.

3. Click on the flag: Once you’ve located the flag, click on it to open the flag details screen.

4. Recall troops: Within the flag details screen, you’ll see various information and options related to the flag. Look for the “Recall” button or option and click on it.

5. Confirm the recall: After clicking on the recall option, a confirmation window will pop up. Review the details and click on the “Confirm” button to proceed with the recall. Keep in mind that there might be a recall timer in place before you can safely extract your troops.

6. Wait for recall completion: Once the recall is initiated, your troops will start marching back to their respective base or city. Keep an eye on the progress bar to track the completion time. During this time, your troops may be vulnerable to enemy attacks, so ensure they are not in a risky position.

7. Reinforce if necessary: If your troops are under attack or you anticipate an enemy strike while recalling, consider requesting reinforcements from alliance members or reinforcing your own troops with additional forces. This will help protect your troops during this vulnerable period.

It’s important to note that recalling your troops from a flag may not be instant and could take some time depending on the distance and any recall timers in effect. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan your movements and troop deployments strategically to minimize losses and ensure the safety of your forces.

Recalling troops from a flag is an essential skill in Rise of Kingdoms, as it allows you to adapt your strategy, reinforce locations, or consolidate your forces effectively. By following these steps, you can ensure the successful retrieval of your troops and maintain your strength on the battlefield.

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