Of the below commanders, which is best suited to lead troops in gathering resources?

Answer: Seondeok

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to gathering resources in the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, having a commander who excels in this aspect is crucial for efficient resource farming. While there are several commanders who can contribute effectively to resource gathering, one stands out as the best choice: gathering commander, Keira.

Keira is a commander from the Kingdom of Britain, and her unique set of skills makes her an excellent leader for resource gathering expeditions. Her first skill, “Windwhisper Arrow,” increases the gathering speed of all troops led by her. This skill is essential as it reduces the time required to collect resources, allowing players to gather more efficiently.

Additionally, Keira’s second skill, “Swift as the Wind,” provides a significant bonus to the carrying capacity of troops led by her. This means that more resources can be gathered in a single trip, maximizing the efficiency of each gathering session.

Furthermore, Keira’s fourth skill, “Warrior’s Spirit,” increases the marching speed of troops led by her. This speed boost helps in getting to resource nodes quickly, saving time and enabling players to gather resources at a faster rate.

Lastly, Keira’s expertise skill, “Rapid Fire,” enhances the gathering speed bonus provided by her first skill, making her even more effective for resource gathering.

Overall, Keira is the best commander for leading troops in gathering resources due to her abilities to increase gathering speed, carrying capacity, and marching speed. Her unique skill set makes her an indispensable choice for players who want to maximize their resource farming efficiency in Rise of Kingdoms.

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