How to fight babarian port?

Answer: You mean Barbarian Fort. You’ll need to start a rally, and have someone from your alliance help you in the fight, there is no other way.

Some extra relevant information:

If you’re playing the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, you’re probably familiar with the Barbarian Forts that spawn on the map. These forts can provide valuable rewards, but they can also be a challenge to defeat. In this article, we will discuss some strategies on how to successfully fight Barbarian Forts and come out victorious.

1. Scout the fort: Before launching an attack on a Barbarian Fort, it’s essential to gather information about its strength and troop composition. By scouting, you can determine if you have enough troops and resources to take it down successfully.

2. Form an alliance: Fighting Barbarian Forts is easier when you have allies by your side. Coordinate with your alliance members to launch a joint attack, as this will increase your chances of success and allow you to share in the rewards.

3. Choose the right commander: The choice of the commander is crucial when attacking Barbarian Forts. Some commanders are more effective against barbarians and offer additional bonuses to your troops. Make sure to select a commander with high damage abilities and bonuses that complement your troop composition.

4. Troop composition: Building the right army is vital to defeat the barbarians efficiently. Since Barbarian Forts have large numbers of troops, it’s recommended to have a mix of infantry, archers, and cavalry. This balanced composition will ensure that you have the right units to counter the various troop types in the fort.

5. Use the right skills: Each commander has unique skills that can be used to your advantage during battles. Pay attention to your commander’s skills and activate them strategically during combat. Skills like area-of-effect damage or healing can greatly influence the outcome of the battle.

6. Equipment and buffs: Don’t forget to equip your commanders and troops with suitable gear. Upgrading your equipment and using buffs, such as attack or defense boosts, can significantly increase your chances of victory.

7. Coordinate your attacks: If you’re playing with allies, it’s important to coordinate your attacks to maximize efficiency. By timing your attacks and using rally formations, you can overwhelm the Barbarian Fort and make the battle easier.

8. Monitor troop health: Keep a close eye on your troops’ health during battles. If their health drops too low, you may need to retreat and heal them before launching another attack. It’s better to regroup and plan a stronger assault than to risk losing all your troops.

In conclusion, fighting Barbarian Forts in Rise of Kingdoms requires strategy, coordination, and a well-prepared army. By following these tips, you’ll be better equipped to take down these challenging fortresses and reap the rewards they offer. Good luck!

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