Is there a buff from being an alliance leader? And if so what is it?

Answer: No I don’t think there is, but you may have a certain amount of control as to who get’s buffs in the game… You can always give them to yourself!

Some extra relevant information:

As an Alliance leader in the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, you hold a position of great responsibility and power. One of the perks that come with this leadership role is a special buff that only you and other alliance leaders can enjoy.

The alliance leader buff is a significant advantage that can greatly benefit you and your alliance members. This buff provides various bonuses and boosts to enhance your gameplay experience and increase your chances of success.

One of the primary benefits of the alliance leader buff is the increased gathering speed for resources. This means that when you send your troops to gather resources such as food, wood, stone, and gold, they will collect them at a faster rate. This boost can significantly speed up your resource acquisition and help you develop your city and armies more efficiently.

In addition to the gathering speed boost, the alliance leader buff also grants you increased construction speed. This means that when you build or upgrade structures within your city, the time it takes for these tasks to complete is reduced. This advantage allows you to progress faster and strengthen your city’s defenses and economy more rapidly.

Moreover, being an alliance leader also grants you a bonus to research speed. Research plays a crucial role in unlocking new technologies and advancements that provide various benefits to your civilization. With the alliance leader buff, your research tasks will be completed in less time, enabling you to delve deeper into the tech tree and gain a competitive edge over your opponents.

Lastly, the alliance leader buff provides an increase in training speed for your troops. This advantage is particularly useful during times of war or when you need to quickly reinforce your armies. With the boosted training speed, you can amass a formidable military force swiftly, enhancing your capabilities in battles and expeditions.

It is important to note that to enjoy the alliance leader buff, you need to actively maintain your position as an alliance leader. This involves fulfilling specific leadership responsibilities, such as organizing alliance events, facilitating communications between members, and coordinating strategies during wars or other in-game activities.

In conclusion, being an alliance leader in Rise of Kingdoms comes with a valuable buff that offers significant advantages. The increased gathering speed, construction speed, research speed, and training speed provided by this buff can greatly enhance your gameplay and help you progress faster. So, if you aspire to lead your alliance to glory, seize this opportunity and make the most of the advantages that come with being an alliance leader.

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