How do you gain rank 4?

Answer: This is a decision made by the R5 of the alliance. Each R5 has their own method of deciding this, most use reliability, activity, and knowledge of the game. Interpersonal relations with other players is also normally used.

Some extra relevant information:

Rank 4 is a highly coveted achievement in most competitive games, including Rise of Kingdoms. It signifies an impressive level of skill, dedication, and strategic prowess. To gain rank 4 in Rise of Kingdoms, you need to focus on a few key aspects:

1. Strong Commanders: The foundation of any successful army in Rise of Kingdoms is having powerful commanders. Make sure to level up and upgrade your commanders to their maximum potential. Focus on acquiring legendary and epic commanders, as they provide significant bonuses and can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

2. Upgrading Buildings: Building and upgrading your city’s structures is crucial for gaining power. Upgrade your city hall, resource buildings, training facilities, and hospitals to increase your overall strength. This will also enable you to train stronger troops and gather resources more efficiently.

3. Research Tree: Pay close attention to the research tree in the academy. Researching various technologies will unlock game-changing benefits, such as troop enhancements, resource production boosts, and combat tactics. Prioritize military-focused research to give your armies an advantage on the battlefield.

4. Alliance Collaboration: Form or join a strong alliance and actively participate in alliance events, such as Ark of Osiris and alliance wars. Collaborating with other players will provide you with valuable resources, protection, and opportunities for PvP battles, which can significantly increase your rank and overall power.

5. Strategic Warfare: Develop effective battle strategies and tactics to outmaneuver and overpower your opponents. Utilize terrain advantages, mix different troop types, and coordinate attacks with your alliance members. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of enemy commanders and troops will give you a significant advantage in combat.

6. Event Participation: Take part in various in-game events, such as barbarian fortresses, Mysterious Cave, or Lost Kingdom campaigns. These events offer rewards that can help you level up your commanders and strengthen your army. Keep an eye out for special events and make sure to participate actively.

7. Activity and Persistence: Finally, be active and persistent in the game. Gaining rank 4 requires consistent effort and dedication. Regularly log in to collect resources, complete daily quests, and participate in activities. This will help you progress faster and gain an edge over less active players.

Remember, reaching rank 4 in Rise of Kingdoms requires time, effort, and consistent gameplay. By focusing on these key aspects and continuously improving your skills, you will inch closer to achieving this prestigious milestone. Good luck, and may your empire thrive!

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