In the Peerless Scholar event, how many answers do you neet to get correct?

Answer: 20 answers.

Some extra relevant information:

In the Peerless Scholar event in Rise of Kingdoms, players are required to answer a series of questions correctly to progress and earn rewards. The number of correct answers needed to successfully complete the event depends on the specific stage or level you are playing.

Throughout the Peerless Scholar event, players will encounter different levels, each with its own set of questions. At the beginning, players will face three choice questions, where they need to select the correct answer from multiple options. As the event progresses, the difficulty of the questions will increase, and players will need to answer more questions correctly to advance.

In the early stages, players are usually required to answer around three to five questions correctly. However, as you reach higher levels, the number of correct answers needed may increase up to six or more. It is important to note that the questions in each stage are randomly generated, so the specific number of correct answers required may vary from player to player.

To succeed in the Peerless Scholar event, it is crucial to have a good knowledge of various topics related to history, art, geography, science, and more. Brushing up on general knowledge and being attentive to details can greatly improve your chances of answering correctly and progressing through the event.

By answering questions accurately in the Peerless Scholar event, players can earn valuable rewards such as speedups, resource items, gems, and even legendary sculptures. The event not only offers an opportunity to showcase your knowledge but also provides a chance to acquire useful in-game items.

In conclusion, the number of correct answers needed to complete the Peerless Scholar event varies according to your progression in the event. The difficulty level increases as you advance, and players must answer an increasing number of questions accurately. Sharpen your knowledge and skills to conquer this event and reap the rewards it offers in Rise of Kingdoms.

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