How many days after scouting can you attack a city?

Answer: Scouting a city makes no difference as to when you can attack it. You can attack it right after if you want!

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile strategy game, Rise of Kingdoms, scouting plays a crucial role in gathering information about potential targets. It allows players to explore and assess enemy cities, uncovering details such as the number of troops, resources, and overall strength of the city. However, the question arises: how many days after scouting can you attack a city?

After successfully scouting a city in Rise of Kingdoms, there is no specific waiting period before launching an attack on that city. Once you have gathered the necessary information and decided to proceed with an assault, you can initiate the attack immediately. This provides players with the flexibility to strategize and wage battles as per their own timing and tactical considerations.

It’s important to note that while scouting provides valuable insights, the information obtained might not always be entirely accurate. The circumstances within a city can change rapidly, with players reinforcing their defenses or launching their own attacks in response to scouting attempts. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct multiple scouting missions to ensure the most up-to-date information before orchestrating an attack.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to evaluate the strength and preparedness of your own troops before launching an assault. Building a formidable army, training and upgrading your troops, and coordinating with allies can significantly enhance your chances of a successful attack. Rushing into battle without proper preparations can lead to defeat and unnecessary losses.

In conclusion, there is no specific waiting period after scouting a city in Rise of Kingdoms before you can attack it. The decision to initiate an attack rests solely on the player’s discretion and strategic planning. However, it is essential to gather accurate and up-to-date information through multiple scouting missions and ensure that your own forces are adequately prepared for the battle at hand. By adopting a prudent approach, players can maximize their chances of victory in Rise of Kingdoms.

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