In the Commander View page, what buff do commanders acting as a “drillmaster” get?

Answer: 1% Health

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, commanders play a crucial role in leading armies and conquering territories. One important feature of the game is the Commander View page, which provides information about the commanders and their various buffs and abilities.

When a commander is designated as a “drillmaster” in Rise of Kingdoms, they receive a specific buff. The drillmaster buff is known as “Insightful Strength.” This buff enhances the commander’s army capacity and increases the troops’ training speed.

The Insightful Strength buff provides a 5% bonus to army capacity and a 5% boost to training speed for the commander. This means that a commander with the drillmaster designation can recruit more troops and train them at an accelerated rate.

Having a drillmaster commander in your roster can be incredibly valuable, especially during times of war or when expanding your territory. The increased army capacity allows for larger armies to be fielded, while the faster training speed ensures that reinforcements can be summoned more quickly.

It’s important to note that the drillmaster buff only applies to the specific commander designated as the drillmaster. If you change the drillmaster designation to another commander, the buff will shift accordingly.

In summary, in Rise of Kingdoms, commanders designated as drillmasters receive the “Insightful Strength” buff, which grants a 5% increase to army capacity and training speed. This buff proves advantageous during battles and territorial expansions.

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