Can you delete territory teleporting from your items list? It is blocking everything I have in my items list. frustrating?

Answer: Upgrade to level 8 hall

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Title: Managing Your Items List: Can Territory Teleporting be Deleted?

In the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, players have access to various items that can aid in their gameplay. However, some players have expressed frustration regarding the presence of territory teleporting items, which seem to block other items in their inventory. So, the question arises: can you delete territory teleporting from your items list?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Territory teleporting items cannot be removed or deleted from your items list in Rise of Kingdoms. These items serve a crucial role in the game, allowing players to relocate their cities to different locations on the world map. They provide strategic advantages by enabling players to join active alliances, explore new territories, or escape potential threats.

Although territory teleporting items cannot be removed, there are a few things you can do to effectively manage your items list:

1. Sort and organize: Utilize the sorting options available within the game’s inventory system. This will allow you to arrange your items based on type, rarity, or usefulness. By keeping items well-organized, you can more easily locate and access specific items when needed.

2. Use or trade unwanted items: If you have an abundance of territory teleporting items and they are overwhelming your inventory, consider using them strategically or trading them with other players. Many alliances have members who may benefit from these items, allowing you to free up space in your inventory.

3. Expand your inventory size: Rise of Kingdoms provides options to expand your inventory capacity using in-game resources or currency. Consider investing in these expansions to accommodate a larger variety of items without feeling overwhelmed by the presence of teleporting items.

Remember that territory teleporting items have significant value in the game and can positively impact your overall gameplay experience. Despite their potential cluttering effect, they offer valuable opportunities and advantages that may prove crucial at certain stages of the game.

In conclusion, while you cannot delete territory teleporting items from your items list in Rise of Kingdoms, you can find ways to manage and organize your inventory effectively. This will enable you to maintain an efficient gameplay experience while utilizing the strategic advantages offered by teleporting items.

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