In RoK, which of Sun Tzu’s skills is enhanced by his expertise skill?

Answer: Art of war.

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms (RoK), one of the legendary commanders that players can obtain is Sun Tzu, the renowned Chinese military strategist. Sun Tzu is known for his expertise in warfare and his ability to outmaneuver and defeat opponents with superior tactics. Within the game, his expertise skill further enhances one of his core skills.

Sun Tzu has several skills that make him a formidable commander on the battlefield. His expertise skill, called “Art of War,” enhances his active skill, “The Art of War.” This expertise skill increases both the damage and duration of the active skill.

“The Art of War” is a powerful skill that boosts the attack and defense of Sun Tzu’s troops, making them more formidable in battle. With Sun Tzu’s expertise skill, the efficacy of this skill is further enhanced. The increased damage and longer duration of the active skill allow Sun Tzu to lead his troops to victory in battles against both player-controlled armies and non-player-controlled foes.

By focusing on Sun Tzu’s expertise skill, players can optimize his effectiveness on the battlefield. This ensures that his active skill becomes even more impactful and provides a significant advantage in warfare. Whether it is defending against enemy attacks or launching an offensive campaign, Sun Tzu’s enhanced active skill allows players to conquer their enemies and dominate the battlefield.

In conclusion, in Rise of Kingdoms, Sun Tzu’s expertise skill enhances his active skill, “The Art of War.” This augmentation increases the damage and duration of the active skill, making Sun Tzu an even more formidable commander on the battlefield. By leveraging this enhanced skill, players can maximize their chances of victory and establish their dominance in RoK.

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