How to I find an Alliance to join?

Answer: If you are a beginner, then you probably want to find a beginner alliance, not one with tons of points, because you probably won’t get accepted. You could start off by looking at the alliance codes of players close to you and then looking them up in the Alliance Search box and applying to any that are open.

Some extra relevant information:

Finding the right alliance to join in Rise of Kingdoms can greatly enhance your gaming experience. Joining an alliance provides various benefits such as protection, support, and access to alliance-based activities. Here are some effective ways to find an alliance that suits your gameplay style and goals.

1. In-game Alliance Search: Open the alliance tab from the main menu in the game. Utilize the search function to browse through the available alliances. You can filter the search by language, power level, and other criteria. Look for alliances that match your preferences and requirements.

2. Global Chat: Engage with other players in the global chat feature of Rise of Kingdoms. Post a message stating your desire to join an alliance and specify your objectives. Many alliances actively recruit new members through the global chat, and you may receive direct invitations.

3. Online Forums and Social Media: Participate in Rise of Kingdoms’ online forums or official social media groups. These platforms often have dedicated sections where players can advertise or search for alliances. Keep an eye out for alliance recruitment posts or create one yourself, highlighting your strengths and goals.

4. Ask Experienced Players: Reach out to experienced players or friends who already have aegis in alliances. Seek their recommendations or inquire if their alliance has any openings. They may have valuable insights about established alliances or know of certain groups actively looking for new members.

5. Join Communities: Joining Rise of Kingdoms communities on platforms like Discord or Reddit can provide an opportunity to connect with other players. Engaging in discussions or asking for alliance recommendations within these communities increases your chances of finding a suitable alliance.

6. Watch for Alliance Events: Keep an eye on alliance events and activities happening in your kingdom. Participate as a guest or observer to learn more about different alliances and their dynamics. If you find an alliance that reflects your interests, reach out to them after the event to discuss possible membership.

7. Personal Invitations: If you have made connections with players or experienced their gameplay in the game, you may receive personal invitations from them. Consider their alliance’s reputation, achievements, and goals before accepting the invitation.

When deciding on an alliance, consider factors such as the alliance’s stability, communication methods, activity levels, and their alignment with your gaming objectives. It’s crucial to find an alliance that aligns with your playstyle and has supportive and active members to maximize your gaming experience in Rise of Kingdoms. Once you join an alliance, be an active and dedicated member to contribute to its growth and success.

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