If you demolish a decoration in your city is it still available for building?

Answer: Yes

Some extra relevant information:

When playing Rise of Kingdoms, one might wonder if demolishing a decoration in their city means it will no longer be available for building. The answer to this question is no, demolishing a decoration does not mean you lose it permanently.

In Rise of Kingdoms, decorations play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics of your city. They can be placed strategically to boost certain attributes such as resource production, military strength, or research speed. However, there may come a time when you decide to rearrange your city or make changes to its layout, and as a result, you might need to demolish some decorations.

The good news is that once a decoration is demolished, it goes into your inventory. This means that even though it is no longer visible in your city, you can still access it and rebuild it whenever you want. To do this, simply go to your inventory and select the decoration you want to place back in your city.

So, while demolishing a decoration removes it from your city temporarily, it does not mean you have lost it permanently. You can always retrieve it from your inventory and place it back in your city whenever it suits your needs. This flexibility allows players to experiment with different city layouts, optimize their resources, and adjust their strategy as they progress through the game.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that some decorations may require specific conditions or prerequisites to be met before you can rebuild them. These conditions can range from reaching a certain city level to having certain technologies or buildings unlocked. Make sure to check the requirements mentioned in the decoration’s description before attempting to rebuild it.

In conclusion, if you ever find yourself needing to demolish a decoration in your city in Rise of Kingdoms, rest assured that it can still be accessed and rebuilt from your inventory. This allows you to have the freedom to experiment and optimize your city layout and strategy without fear of losing any of your valuable decorations.

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