How do we find other governor location which is not in our alliance?

Answer: Generally you just have to scroll around the map. Or join the other alliance and ask…

Some extra relevant information:

Finding the locations of other governors outside of your alliance can be a useful strategy to plan your gameplay and strategize your next moves in the Rise of Kingdoms game. Here are a few methods to help you find the locations of governors not in your alliance:

1. Scouting: Scouting is one of the most direct ways to find the location of a governor. You can send scouts to explore the territory of other governors nearby. This will reveal their exact location on the map, along with the strength of their city and troops. Scouts in the game have limited range, so it’s important to plan strategically and scout areas of interest.

2. Global Map: The game’s global map is a valuable tool for finding governor locations. The global map displays the positions of all governors in your kingdom. By zooming in and exploring different areas, you can identify the locations of governors who are not part of your alliance. Keep in mind that some governors might be shielded, making them temporarily invisible on the map.

3. March Reports: Paying attention to march reports can provide valuable information about other governors’ locations. When governors send out marches, whether for gathering resources or attacking other players, these reports show the coordinates of their target. By analyzing these reports, you can identify the locations of governors who are not in your alliance.

4. Kingdom Chat: Engaging with other players in the kingdom chat can also be helpful. Networking and building relationships with governors outside of your alliance can lead to valuable information sharing. Sometimes, players disclose their locations or other relevant details in the chat. Just remember to be respectful and cautious while interacting with others.

5. Kingdom Events: Participating in kingdom-wide events such as Ark of Osiris or Lost Kingdom can give you opportunities to explore regions beyond your alliance’s territory. These events often involve clashes with other governors, allowing you to uncover their locations and gain valuable insights into their strategies.

Remember, it’s important to be mindful of your actions and respectful towards other players. In Rise of Kingdoms, maintaining good relationships with neighboring governors, whether they are in your alliance or not, can lead to strategic advantages and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

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