I want to teleport but I need to occupy the pass before teleporting?

Answer: How to get through a pass?

Some extra relevant information:

Teleportation is an essential feature in the popular mobile strategy game, Rise of Kingdoms. It allows players to move their city to a different location on the world map, offering strategic advantages and new opportunities for growth. However, before you can teleport, there is a requirement that needs to be fulfilled – occupying a pass.

A pass is a specific location on the world map that can be accessed once it becomes available during certain events, such as the Lost Kingdom or the Ceroli Crisis. These passes are highly sought after by players due to their strategic significance and the benefits they offer.

To occupy a pass, players need to rally their alliance members or group up with other players to launch an attack on the pass. It is crucial to have a strong and coordinated force to defeat the defenders and claim the pass as your own. The pass will then be occupied by the alliance that successfully conquers it.

Once your alliance has successfully occupied the pass, you can then proceed with teleporting your city. The teleportation feature allows you to move your entire city, including buildings, troops, and resources, to the newly acquired pass location. This provides a fresh start in a new area, allowing you to explore different gameplay dynamics, access valuable resources, or strengthen your alliance’s position on the map.

However, it is important to note that teleportation usually comes with a cooldown period and other limitations to prevent abuse. These limitations are put in place to maintain balance and fairness in the game. Make sure to read the specific rules and requirements for teleportation within the game to understand any restrictions or costs associated with the process.

In summary, teleportation in Rise of Kingdoms requires occupying a pass before you can move your city to a new location. This involves rallying alliance members and launching attacks to conquer and claim the pass. Once successfully occupied, you can then teleport your city, enabling fresh opportunities for growth and strategic positioning. Remember to adhere to the game’s rules and limitations to make the most out of this powerful feature.

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