How to Make a Rally Attack?

Answer: Rallys are needed in order to hit Barbarian forts and some other attacks which require more than one member of an alliance to participate in.

Some extra relevant information:

Rally attacks are a critical aspect of strategy in the popular game Rise of Kingdoms. In these attacks, multiple players come together to launch a coordinated strike against a target. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out, understanding how to make a rally attack can greatly enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of victory.

Here are the key steps to successfully execute a rally attack in Rise of Kingdoms:

1. Choose the right rally leader: The rally leader is the player who initiates the attack and sets the rally target. It is important to select a strong and experienced player as the rally leader, as their attributes and skills significantly impact the outcome of the attack. It is advisable to choose a player with powerful commanders and specialized skills that complement the rally strategy.

2. Coordinate with alliance members: Rally attacks are most effective when multiple players join forces. Coordinate with your alliance members to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the rally target, timing, and strategy. Effective communication is crucial to optimize the rally attack.

3. Plan your rally strategy: Before launching the rally attack, it is imperative to plan your strategy. Analyze the target’s defenses, strength, and potential counters. Determine the ideal composition of troops and commanders for the attack. A well-balanced mix of infantry, archers, and cavalry, each led by suitable commanders, can give you a strategic advantage.

4. Set rally time and reinforcements: When setting up the rally, ensure that all participants are aware of the rally time to synchronize their marches. It is also essential to reinforce the rally with troops from alliance members. Reinforcements strengthen the rally and increase the odds of victory, so coordinate with fellow players to secure enough troops for the rally.

5. Execute the rally attack: Once the rally is set, it is time to launch the attack. Ensure that all participants march simultaneously to arrive at the target at the same time. Timing is critical, as a well-coordinated attack increases the chances of overwhelming the enemy and causing significant damage.

6. Monitor and adjust: During the rally attack, closely monitor the battle and adjust your strategy accordingly. If reinforcements are necessary, request additional troops from alliance members to reinforce the rally. Adapt to the changing circumstances and communicate effectively with your allies to maximize your tactical advantage.

By following these steps, you can effectively make a rally attack in Rise of Kingdoms. Remember that practice and experience play a significant role in improving your rally attack skills, so don’t be discouraged if you face setbacks initially. Keep exploring different strategies and learning from each battle to become a formidable force in the game. Good luck!

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