How to get more VIP Points?

Answer: You can use gem to buy more VIP points in the VIP shop. And it’s recommended that you get to VIP level 6 ASAP so you unlock the permanent second building queue.

Some extra relevant information:

Getting more VIP Points in the game Rise of Kingdoms is essential for unlocking various benefits and bonuses. VIP Points can be obtained through different methods, and here are some effective strategies to increase your VIP level:

1. Daily Objectives: Completing daily objectives is the easiest way to earn VIP Points. These objectives can be found in the “Events” tab, and they often involve tasks like upgrading buildings, training troops, or gathering resources. Make sure to check and complete these objectives regularly to accumulate VIP Points.

2. Daily Quests: Participating in daily quests is another reliable method to earn VIP Points. Daily quests can range from training troops, researching technologies, completing expeditions, or defeating barbarians. By completing these quests, you can earn VIP Points as well as other rewards.

3. VIP Shop: The VIP Shop provides various items and bundles that can be purchased using VIP Points. By spending a certain amount of VIP Points, you can acquire valuable resources, speed-ups, and other beneficial items. Utilize your accumulated VIP Points wisely in the VIP Shop to maximize your progress.

4. Gem Purchases: Investing in gems allows you to gain VIP Points, as every gem spent corresponds to a specific number of VIP Points. You can acquire gems through in-app purchases or by participating in game events and rewards. By strategically using your gems, you can not only increase your VIP level but also obtain other valuable resources.

5. Alliance Help: Active participation in your alliance is crucial for gaining VIP Points. By requesting help from alliance members and assisting them in their tasks, you can receive alliance credits. These credits can then be exchanged for VIP Points in the alliance store.

6. Monthly Cards: Purchasing monthly cards is a great way to obtain additional VIP Points. These cards provide a daily gem supply and VIP Points over a certain period, such as 30 or 60 days. By acquiring and activating monthly cards, you can steadily accumulate VIP Points and enjoy the perks that come with higher VIP levels.

7. Special Events: Keep an eye out for special events that offer bonus VIP Points. These events may occur during holidays or game anniversaries and provide opportunities to earn VIP Points through specific tasks or achievements. Participating in these events can significantly boost your VIP level.

Remember, VIP Points are a valuable resource in Rise of Kingdoms, providing access to exclusive privileges such as faster construction, research speed-ups, increased resource production, and more. By actively engaging in the game, completing daily tasks, and utilizing various strategies, you can steadily increase your VIP level and enjoy the benefits it brings.

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