Commander level 60 now how to get talent points?

Answer: With your commander at level 60, he can gain no more talent poitns.

Some extra relevant information:

Reaching Commander level 60 in Rise of Kingdoms is a significant milestone that unlocks numerous benefits and new gameplay features. One of the most important aspects of leveling up your commander is earning talent points, which enhance their abilities and make them more formidable on the battlefield. If you’re wondering how to get talent points after reaching level 60, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information.

Once you hit level 60, the primary method of obtaining talent points is by participating in Ark of Osiris battles. The Ark of Osiris event is a large-scale alliance versus alliance battle, where you and your alliance members fight against opponents for control over the Ark. By actively participating in these battles and successfully capturing and defending the Ark, you can earn talent points as rewards. The number of talent points you receive will depend on your individual performance and the overall results of the battle.

It’s important to note that talent points acquired from Ark of Osiris battles are limited per season. Therefore, it becomes crucial to utilize them wisely and allocate them to enhance the abilities of your commanders effectively. The talent tree for each commander is diverse, giving you multiple options to strengthen different aspects of their skills, troop potential, and strategic capabilities.

In addition to Ark of Osiris battles, talent points can also be obtained through various events, quests, and special rewards. Keep an eye out for events specifically focused on talent point acquisition or completion requirements that offer them as rewards. Completing daily and alliance quests can also provide talent points, so be sure to actively participate in these tasks.

Lastly, the Commander’s Skill Tree has a special selection of talents that grant an additional talent point. These talents are often labeled with unusual icons like treasures, gemstones, or rare scrolls. Investing in these talents can boost your overall talent point count, allowing you to unlock more potent abilities and upgrades for your commanders.

Remember, talent points are a precious resource, and they should be allocated strategically according to your playstyle and objectives. Prioritize enhancing the essential skills of your commanders and unlocking talents that synergize with their unique abilities.

By actively participating in Ark of Osiris battles, keeping an eye out for events and quests, and investing in special talents, you will steadily accumulate talent points and continue to strengthen your commanders, ensuring your dominance on the battlefield in Rise of Kingdoms.

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