How to get into the dark age?

Answer: You need to upgrade your City Hall to level 16 to reach the Dark Age.

Some extra relevant information:

Getting into the Dark Age in Rise of Kingdoms is an essential step for any player looking to progress and strengthen their civilization. This pivotal phase allows you to unlock a range of new buildings, technologies, and units that can significantly enhance your gameplay. So, how exactly can you enter the Dark Age and make the most out of it? Let’s find out!

1. Research the required technology: To transition into the Dark Age, you need to research the necessary technology called Archery. This technology can be found under the “Military” tab in your Academy building. Allocate sufficient resources and time to complete the research, and once it’s finished, you’ll be able to advance.

2. Upgrade your City Hall: Ensure that your City Hall has reached the required level for the Dark Age. You need to have a level 10 City Hall to unlock this phase.

3. Gather the required resources: Prioritize gathering enough resources to support your transition. Wood, stone, food, and gold are crucial for constructing and upgrading new buildings, training troops, and researching technologies. Utilize resource-generating buildings, gather from resource nodes, or participate in alliance resource-sharing to amass the necessary amounts.

4. Construct and upgrade key buildings: With the Dark Age unlocked, you can now build and upgrade specific structures that play a vital role in advancing your civilization. Focus on constructing the Archery Range, which enables you to train powerful ranged units. Additionally, upgrading your existing structures, such as Farms, Quarries, and Lumber Mills, will boost resource production and efficiency.

5. Train advanced units: The Dark Age grants you access to formidable units like Archers and Mounted Archers. These ranged troops possess superior firepower and can greatly enhance your military strength. Train them in sufficient numbers to reinforce your army and improve your chances in battles.

6. Utilize new technologies: The Dark Age introduces various technologies that enhance your civilization’s capabilities. Research advancements like Archery Training, Archery Command, and Mounted Archery to unlock new abilities, buffs, and bonuses for your troops. Prioritize these technologies based on your gameplay style and strategy.

7. Participate in events and quests: Rise of Kingdoms frequently offers events and quests that provide rewards and bonuses to players. Keep an eye out for events specifically designed for the Dark Age. These can include resource gathering events, building upgrade events, or military training events. Actively partake in these activities to maximize your progress and rewards.

8. Strengthen alliances: In Rise of Kingdoms, alliances play a crucial role in supporting and protecting your civilization. Forge strong alliances with other players and work together to grow and defend your kingdoms. Share resources, aid each other in battles, and participate in alliance-wide events to further boost your progress.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to entering the Dark Age in Rise of Kingdoms. Embrace the opportunities and advantages this phase offers to expand your civilization, grow your military might, and dominate the game!

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