How can we migrate to younger kingdom? with on-going pre-KVK event??

Answer: You can LEAVE your kingdom at any time – even during kvk. But you cannot migrate to a kingdom once matchmaking is complete.

Some extra relevant information:

Migrating to a younger kingdom during an ongoing pre-KVK event can be a strategic move to gain a fresh start and better opportunities for growth. If you’re considering this option, here are the steps you need to follow in order to successfully migrate:

1. Preparations: Before initiating the migration process, it’s crucial to plan and prepare accordingly. This includes ensuring that you meet the requirements for migration, such as having a level 16 or higher City Hall, zero active resource production queues, and no alliance flags planted on the map.

2. Passport Pages: To migrate, you’ll need passport pages. These can be obtained through various in-game activities, such as the Expedition, Kingdom Versus Kingdom (KVK), or events. It’s important to accumulate enough passport pages to cover the migration costs, as well as any future needs.

3. Evaluation: Take the time to evaluate your target younger kingdom. Look for a kingdom that is still in its early stages or one that has recently started KVK. This will allow you to have a fresh start with less competition and potentially more valuable resource nodes to gather from.

4. Communicate with Alliance: Inform your current alliance about your plan to migrate. Discuss your reasons for wanting to move and make sure there is a mutual understanding. It’s essential to maintain good relations and not leave your current alliance stranded during an ongoing pre-KVK event.

5. Timing: Choose the right time to migrate. Generally, it’s advisable to migrate during the Ark of Osiris or other events when the pre-KVK event is not in full swing. This will minimize the impact on your current alliance and prevent any complications during critical moments of the event.

6. Migration Process: Once you’ve completed all the necessary preparations, you can navigate to the Migration page in the game settings. Select the younger kingdom you wish to migrate to and confirm your decision. Keep in mind that there may be a waiting period before you are actually able to migrate.

7. Settle in the New Kingdom: Once you’ve successfully migrated to the younger kingdom, quickly join an alliance that aligns with your goals and aspirations. Participate actively in the kingdom’s activities, contribute positively, and seize the opportunities that arise.

Remember, migrating to a younger kingdom during an ongoing pre-KVK event can provide a fresh start and better prospects for growth. However, it’s essential to evaluate your options carefully and communicate effectively with your current alliance to ensure a smooth transition for all parties involved.

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