How to get Edward of Woodstock?

Answer: By Wheel of Fortune in the Day 262 on your kingdom.

Some extra relevant information:

Edward of Woodstock, also known as the Black Prince, is one of the most revered commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. As a skilled cavalry commander, he brings immense power and versatility to your army. Acquiring Edward of Woodstock might seem like a challenge, but with the right strategy and focus, you can add him to your roster. Here’s how you can get Edward of Woodstock in Rise of Kingdoms.

1. Kingdom Events: Keep an eye on in-game events in your kingdom. Some events offer special sculptures or summoning chances for legendary commanders like Edward of Woodstock. Participating in these events and completing their objectives will help you obtain the necessary resources and items to unlock him.

2. VIP Shop: Occasionally, the VIP shop will offer exclusive commander sculptures, including ones for Edward of Woodstock. Make sure to check the shop regularly and save up your VIP points. Once Edward of Woodstock sculptures are available, use your points to purchase them and increase your chances of summoning him.

3. Wheel of Fortune: Edward of Woodstock is often featured in the Wheel of Fortune event. This event allows you to spin a wheel for a chance to obtain various rewards, including commander sculptures. When Edward of Woodstock appears on the wheel, invest your resources to spin and try your luck. With some patience and luck, you might unlock him.

4. Card King Event: During the Card King event, you have the opportunity to flip cards and win rewards, including commander sculptures. Keep an eye out for Edward of Woodstock’s sculptures during this event. Stock up on card flips and try to secure his sculptures to unlock him faster.

5. Lohar’s Trial and Expedition: Completing the Lohar’s Trial and Expedition events can grant you individual commander sculptures and universal sculptures. Accumulate these sculptures and use them during the More Than Gems event. This event allows you to exchange the universal sculptures for specific legendary commander sculptures, including Edward of Woodstock.

6. Mighty Army Expedition: By participating in the Mighty Army Expedition event, you can earn expedition credits. These credits can be used to purchase Edward of Woodstock sculptures in the expedition store. Focus on earning expedition credits by battling with your alliance and clearing the expedition stages.

Remember, acquiring Edward of Woodstock will require persistence, patience, and a strategic approach. Keep an eye on the events, plan your resources wisely, and actively participate to maximize your chances of obtaining this legendary commander. Good luck on your quest to add Edward of Woodstock to your Rise of Kingdoms army!

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