How do two alliances team up like Virus Team 1 – 14? I’ve been requested multiple times to merge and I’m not sure what it is and don’t want to make the wrong decision

Answer: In this case you’ll have to make space in one of the alliances, then get all of the other alliance members to join. There is no way to just grab two alliances and press a merge button or something like that.

Some extra relevant information:

Forming alliances and merging with other alliances in Rise of Kingdoms can be an important strategic move to strengthen your position and achieve greater success in the game. If you’ve been requested to merge and are unsure about what it entails, here’s some information to help you make an informed decision.

Merging alliances involves combining the forces of two separate alliances into a single, more powerful entity. This collaboration allows members from both alliances to pool their resources, expertise, and strength to improve their gameplay experience and increase their chances of dominating the game.

To team up and merge with another alliance, follow these steps:

1. Communication: Begin by establishing open and honest communication with the other alliance’s leadership. Discuss your shared goals, aspirations, and expectations regarding the merger. It’s imperative to ensure that both parties have a mutual understanding and are on the same page.

2. Compatibility: Assess the compatibility of your alliance with the one requesting a merger. Consider factors such as alliance size, power level, activity level, playstyle, and overall synergy. Ensure that merging with the other alliance aligns with your own alliance’s vision and objectives.

3. Leadership Consolidation: Determine how the leadership structure will be consolidated. Decide whether to merge leadership positions or redistribute roles based on strengths and expertise. This ensures a smooth transition and maintains the trust and respect of all members involved.

4. Member Evaluation: Evaluate the members of both alliances to identify active and committed players who will contribute positively to the merged alliance. Consider factors such as power level, performance in events and battles, and overall attitude. It’s crucial to prioritize quality over quantity to create a stronger team.

5. Alliance Name and Tag: Discuss and decide on a new alliance name and tag that represents the joint identity of the newly merged alliance. Encourage suggestions and input from all members to foster a sense of unity and involvement.

6. Rules and Guidelines: Establish or revise the alliance’s rules and guidelines to accommodate the new members. Consider incorporating the best practices from both alliances to create a fair and harmonious environment. Clearly communicate the expectations, requirements, and responsibilities to all members.

7. Alliance Migration: Determine the migration process, including which members from both alliances will migrate to the new alliance. Coordinate the migration schedule to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption to activities and events.

8. Communication Channels: Set up new communication channels, such as alliance chat groups or communication platforms like Discord or Line. This will allow members from both alliances to connect, share information, and collaborate effectively.

Remember that merging with another alliance is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. Take your time to evaluate the benefits, potential drawbacks, and compatibility before making a final decision. Strong alliances can significantly enhance your Rise of Kingdoms experience, so choose wisely to maximize your chances of success.

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