How can I build things faster?

Answer: If you want to speed up your building queue, there are many ways you can do this. If you join a clan then you can ask for help and everyone that taps the help button will knock a small amount of time from your building project.

Some extra relevant information:

Are you eager to speed up your construction process in Rise of Kingdoms or any other game? Building things faster can give you a significant advantage in terms of expansion, resource production, and overall progress. Here are some strategies to help you achieve faster construction:

1. Research Technological Advancements: One of the primary ways to boost construction speed is through technological advancements. Focus on researching technologies that directly enhance construction or provide general bonuses to development speed. Prioritize these research paths to gain a significant boost in construction efficiency.

2. Upgrade the Academy: The Academy plays a pivotal role in speeding up construction. By upgrading your Academy, you unlock new technologies and increase the research capacity, allowing you to acquire construction speed boosts quicker. Give priority to Academy upgrades to unlock advanced construction-related technologies.

3. Seek Kingdom Buffs: Joining an active alliance and participating in Kingdom events can provide you with buffs and benefits. Some buffs specifically enhance construction speed, reducing overall construction time. Work together with your alliance members to activate these buffs and maximize the speed of your construction projects.

4. Utilize VIP Benefits: VIP level is essential for acquiring numerous benefits, including construction speed boosts. Increase your VIP level by purchasing VIP points or taking part in events that reward VIP points. Higher VIP levels provide significant bonuses to construction speed, helping you build things at a faster pace.

5. Assign Construction Heroes: Heroes play a crucial role in Rise of Kingdoms, and some are specialized in construction-related tasks. Utilize these heroes and assign them to construction jobs. They bring unique skills, talents, and buffs that can decrease construction time or boost construction speed. Upgrade their skills and talents to further optimize their effectiveness.

6. Utilize Speed-Up Items: Speed-up items are valuable resources that can be used to shorten construction time. Save up speed-ups from events, rewards, and chests, and utilize them strategically when constructing crucial buildings or upgrading important structures. Ensure you are efficient in using these items to get the maximum benefit.

7. Participate in Events: Take part in in-game events that offer construction speed-up rewards. Events are an excellent opportunity to accumulate valuable speed-ups that can help you complete constructions swiftly. Plan your gaming sessions around these events to take full advantage of the rewards.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly boost the speed of your construction projects in Rise of Kingdoms or any other game. Remember to prioritize research, upgrade key buildings, leverage buffs and heroes, and actively participate in events. Happy building!

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