How can I teleport to protected kingdom?. I try but it said I can’t teleport bcz kd has passed the nascent stage.

Answer: You can’t. You can only go to a kingdom where you can see all the information available.

Some extra relevant information:

Teleporting to a protected kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms can be a great strategic move to ensure the safety of your alliance or to seek new opportunities. However, there are certain restrictions and conditions that must be met in order to teleport successfully.

When a kingdom is in its nascent stage, which usually lasts for the first 90 days after its creation, players are unable to teleport into or out of the kingdom. This restriction is put in place to allow new players to settle in and establish their foundations without facing immediate threats from more experienced players.

Once the nascent stage is over, players from other kingdoms can teleport into the protected kingdom, provided they meet a few requirements. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to teleport to a protected kingdom:

1. Wait for the nascent stage to end: As mentioned earlier, the ability to teleport into a protected kingdom becomes available once the nascent stage is over. Keep an eye on the countdown timer in the kingdom overview page to determine when it will end.

2. Obtain a passport: In order to teleport to a protected kingdom, you will need to obtain a passport. Passports can be obtained through various means, such as events, special offers, or by completing certain objectives in the game. Make sure to gather enough passports before attempting to teleport.

3. Find an available spot: Once you have obtained a passport, go to the world map and search for a suitable location in the protected kingdom where you can teleport to. Look for open spots that are not occupied by other players or alliances.

4. Select the teleport option: Click on the empty spot that you wish to teleport to and select the “teleport” option. A confirmation message will appear, asking for your passport to be consumed. Confirm the teleportation by using the passport, and you will be transported to your selected location in the protected kingdom.

Remember that there might be limitations on the number of players who can teleport to a protected kingdom at a given time. It is always a good idea to coordinate with your alliance members and plan your teleportation strategically.

In conclusion, teleporting to a protected kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms is only possible after the nascent stage ends. Make sure to acquire a passport and find an available spot to successfully teleport. Plan your strategy, gather your resources, and take advantage of the new opportunities that await you in the protected kingdom.

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