Do secondary commander talents work, while they serve as secondary commander?

Answer: No, only the primary commander’s talent works.

Some extra relevant information:

When playing the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, you may wonder whether secondary commander talents are still effective while they serve as secondary commanders. The answer is yes, secondary commander talents do work, and they can significantly enhance the performance of your army even when acting as secondary commanders.

In Rise of Kingdoms, commanders play a crucial role in leading your troops into battle and determining the outcome of engagements. Each commander possesses their own set of unique skills and talents which can be upgraded and customized to suit your playstyle. While primary commanders have the most significant impact on battles, the talents of secondary commanders should not be overlooked.

When serving as the primary commander, the talents of a specific commander are fully utilized. However, even when acting as a secondary commander, their talents are not wasted. The skills and talents of secondary commanders are not limited only to the leader’s skills but also contribute to the overall battle performance.

The talents of the secondary commander will provide various benefits and buffs to the troops accompanying them. These buffs can include increased attack damage, reduced enemy defense, improved healing abilities, enhanced troop speed, and much more. While the magnitude of the buffs may be diminished compared to when serving as a primary commander, they still have a noticeable impact on battle outcomes.

To utilize secondary commander talents effectively, it is crucial to select commanders whose skills complement each other. Some commanders have skills and talents that synergize well with those of others, providing even greater efficacy when used together. Experimenting with different combinations of primary and secondary commanders is key to finding the best synergy and maximizing the potential of your army.

In conclusion, secondary commander talents do work and play a vital role in enhancing the performance of your army in Rise of Kingdoms. While their impact may be slightly reduced compared to when serving as primary commanders, the buffs and benefits provided by their talents can still make a significant difference in battles. Take the time to explore different combinations of commanders and their talents to create a powerful and well-rounded army.

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