Can you migrate to a kingdom that has started kvk? Or even pre kvk?

Answer: No, the kingdom’s status will become “Immigration Limited”. You must wait until the Lost Kingdom event is over for that kingdom.

Some extra relevant information:

Migrating to a kingdom that has already started the KvK (Kingdom vs Kingdom) event or even pre-KvK is not possible in Rise of Kingdoms. Once a kingdom has entered KvK or pre-KvK stages, the migration window closes, and no new players can join. This restriction is in place to ensure a fair and balanced playing field during these competitive events.

KvK is a major event in Rise of Kingdoms where selected kingdoms compete against each other for rewards and glory. It requires months of preparation and strategizing for the participating kingdoms. Allowing new players to join midway through the event would disrupt the balance and potentially give an advantage to the migrating players.

Therefore, if you are interested in participating in KvK or pre-KvK events, it is advisable to plan your migration well in advance and choose a target kingdom that has not yet entered these stages. Consult with experienced players and gather information about potential target kingdoms to make an informed decision.

Remember, migration is a valuable opportunity to explore new realms, join stronger alliances, and grow your power. Make sure to plan your migration wisely and choose the right timing to maximize your gaming experience in Rise of Kingdoms.

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