Can you join your own rallies with more than one march?

Answer: No, you cannot join your own rallies. Some people however get around this by creating a second account and using that one to join their own rallies.

Some extra relevant information:

One common question that arises in the popular mobile game, Rise of Kingdoms, is whether players can join their own rallies with more than one march. In short, the answer is no.

In Rise of Kingdoms, players have the ability to join rallies, which are powerful coordinated attacks or defenses led by a rally leader. These rallies can be used to conquer enemy cities, defend against incoming attacks, or gather resources from neutral territory. Rallies can be joined by multiple players, each contributing their troops to the cause.

However, when it comes to joining your own rally, the game mechanics limit players to only being able to send one march. This means that you cannot join your own rally with multiple marches.

The reason behind this limitation is to maintain balance and strategic decision-making within the game. Allowing players to join their own rallies with multiple marches would give them a significant advantage, potentially overpowering their opponents and disrupting the game’s dynamics.

While it may be tempting to try and send multiple marches to increase the rally’s strength, it’s important to remember that teamwork and coordination are key to achieving success in Rise of Kingdoms. Players should focus on coordinating with their alliance members, ensuring that troops are properly allocated and effectively utilized.

In conclusion, joining your own rallies with more than one march is not possible in Rise of Kingdoms. This limitation is in place to preserve game balance and encourage strategic gameplay. So, gather your forces, coordinate with your alliance members, and work together to achieve victory in the game.

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