Who founded the Spanish armada

Answer: The Spanish armada was founded by King Philip II of Spain.

Some extra relevant information:

The Spanish Armada was founded by King Philip II of Spain. King Philip II was a prominent monarch who sought to expand Spanish influence and power during the late 16th century. In response to the growing influence of Protestantism and English piracy, King Philip II decided to launch an armada, or fleet of ships, to invade England and restore Catholicism as the predominant religion.

The Spanish Armada was intended to be a formidable force, consisting of around 130 ships, including galleons, caravels, and support vessels. The armada was also equipped with a significant number of soldiers and artillery. The plan was for the armada to sail from the Spanish Netherlands, join forces with the Duke of Parma’s army in the Low Countries, and then proceed to invade England.

However, the Spanish Armada encountered numerous challenges during its expedition in 1588. Harsh weather conditions, combined with the strategic brilliance of the English naval forces led by Sir Francis Drake, Sir John Hawkins, and Charles Howard, severely weakened the armada. The English employed guerrilla warfare tactics such as fire ships and naval battles, causing heavy casualties and damage to the Spanish fleet.

Eventually, the Spanish Armada was forced to retreat and return to Spain, marking a significant victory for England. The defeat of the Spanish Armada had important consequences for European history, as it marked the beginning of the decline of Spanish naval dominance and the rise of England as a major global power.

In conclusion, King Philip II of Spain founded the Spanish Armada in an attempt to invade England and restore Catholicism. However, the armada was ultimately defeated by the English navy, leading to significant historical consequences.

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