Who conquered the kingdom of The Vandals in the Vanderlick war?

Answer: The Eastern Roman Empire.

Some extra relevant information:

The Vandals, a Germanic tribe, gained their fame through their conquest of the Roman province of Africa in the 5th century. However, their rule over this kingdom was ultimately short-lived. The Vandals were conquered in the Vandalic War by the forces of the Byzantine Empire, led by the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I.

The Vandalic War took place from 533 to 534 AD and marked an important turning point in the history of the Vandals. After a series of successful campaigns by the Byzantine general Belisarius, the Vandals were defeated and their kingdom was brought under imperial control.

The reasons for the Byzantine Empire’s invasion of Vandal territory were varied. One factor was the Vandals’ reputation for piracy and their attacks on Roman trade routes in the Mediterranean. Additionally, the Byzantines sought to restore control over imperial territories lost during the reign of the Vandals. Lastly, there was a religious motivation, as the Vandals, who were Arian Christians, were seen as heretics by the orthodox Byzantines.

Belisarius, a talented military commander, led the Byzantine forces in the Vandalic War. Under his leadership, the Byzantines quickly advanced into Vandal territory and succeeded in capturing important cities like Carthage. The Vandals put up a resistance, but they were ultimately overwhelmed by the superior military organization and strategy of the Byzantine forces.

With the fall of Carthage, the Vandals’ capital, the last remnants of Vandal resistance crumbled. King Gelimer, the Vandal leader, was captured, and the Vandalic Kingdom ceased to exist. The territory was integrated into the Byzantine Empire as the Province of Africa.

The Vandalic War marked the end of an era for the Vandals and their kingdom. It also reflected the continuation of Byzantine efforts to reclaim lost territories and secure their dominion in the Mediterranean. Ultimately, their conquest of the Vandals in this conflict would pave the way for further Byzantine expansion and influence in the region.

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