Which type of holy sites grant troop attack bonuses?

Answer: Shrines.

Some extra relevant information:

Holy sites in Rise of Kingdoms are locations that provide various bonuses and benefits to a player’s civilization. One of the most sought-after bonuses that players often seek from holy sites is the troop attack bonus. Troop attack bonuses are essential for increasing the offensive power of your army and dominating your enemies on the battlefield.

There are two types of holy sites in Rise of Kingdoms that grant troop attack bonuses: the Ark of Osiris and the Lost Temple.

1. Ark of Osiris:
The Ark of Osiris is a special event that takes place periodically in the game. It involves an epic battle between multiple alliances for control over the mythical Ark. The winning alliance gains the ability to hold the Ark for a limited time, along with several powerful bonuses, including a significant troop attack bonus.

The troop attack bonus from the Ark of Osiris is granted to all alliance members who hold at least one flag in the occupied Ark area. The bonus itself varies depending on the level of the Ark and the level of the alliance technology, but it can provide a substantial boost to the attack stats of your troops.

2. Lost Temple:
The Lost Temple is another holy site that grants troop attack bonuses. It is located at the center of each kingdom on the map and is the ultimate objective for any ambitious player or alliance. The kingdom’s most dominant alliance gets the privilege of capturing and holding the Lost Temple, along with earning numerous benefits, including a troop attack bonus.

The strength of the troop attack bonus from the Lost Temple also depends on the level of the structure itself and the technology researched by the alliance. Holding the Lost Temple can significantly enhance the offensive capabilities of your troops, making them more formidable in battles against other players or barbarians.

In conclusion, both the Ark of Osiris and the Lost Temple holy sites in Rise of Kingdoms grant valuable troop attack bonuses. Participating in the Ark of Osiris event and striving to control the Lost Temple can provide your civilization with significant advantages, allowing you to dominate your enemies and become a formidable force on the battlefield.

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