Which technology comes right before pavise?

Answer: Shields.

Some extra relevant information:

In the fascinating world of strategy games like Rise of Kingdoms, technology plays a crucial role in advancing civilizations and achieving victories. When it comes to military advancements, one may wonder which technology precedes the mighty Pavise. Well, before the advent of Pavise, a pivotal technology referred to as “Shield Carriers” comes into play.

Shield Carriers can be considered a significant stepping stone towards unlocking the formidable Pavise technology. As the name suggests, Shield Carriers focuses on enhancing the defensive capabilities of an army by introducing specialized personnel to carry and deploy shields effectively. These shield bearers assist troops on the battlefield by providing additional protection against incoming projectiles, be it arrows, javelins, or even certain melee attacks.

By implementing Shield Carriers, civilizations gain a significant advantage in defensive battles, allowing their armies to withstand more damage while maintaining their combat effectiveness. This technology serves as a foundation for the development of more advanced defensive techniques, including the ultimate defensive technology known as Pavise.

With the introduction of Pavise, an offensive army gains an immense defense boost by deploying large portable shields as a mobile protection barrier. Similar to Shield Carriers, Pavise enhances the army’s resilience against a wide range of attacks, effectively reducing the overall damage taken. This technology revolutionizes defensive strategies, making sieges and defensive battles more manageable, and ultimately, turning the tides of war in favor of a well-prepared kingdom.

Therefore, before unlocking the mighty Pavise technology in Rise of Kingdoms, civilizations must invest in the preceding technology, Shield Carriers. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of defensive tactics, allowing for a smooth transition into employing the Pavise technique on the battlefield. As the saying goes, a strong defense is the foundation for a successful offense – and mastering these defensive technologies is no exception.

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