Which of these items cannot be obtained by defeating barbarians?

Answer: VIP Points

Some extra relevant information:

In the world of Rise of Kingdoms, defeating barbarians is a crucial aspect of the game. Not only do they provide valuable resources and experience points, but they also occasionally drop various items that can aid in your progression. However, it’s essential to note that not all items can be obtained by defeating barbarians. In this article, we will explore the items that cannot be acquired through this particular method.

1. Legendary Commander Sculptures: These sculptures are essential for unlocking and leveling up legendary commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Unfortunately, you cannot obtain them by defeating barbarians directly. Legendary commander sculptures can be acquired through other means such as events, special bundles, or opening chests in the tavern.

2. Universal Commander Sculptures: Similar to legendary commander sculptures, universal commander sculptures are used to unlock and level up commanders in general. These sculptures cannot be obtained solely by defeating barbarians. Instead, you can acquire them through events, special offers, and chests.

3. Advanced and Elite Commander Sculptures: Advanced and elite commander sculptures are used to level up specific commanders in the game. These sculptures cannot be obtained by solely defeating barbarians. You can obtain them through various means, including events, VIP chests, and special offers.

4. Epic and Legendary Equipment: While defeating barbarians can provide you with valuable equipment, including common and rare pieces, epic and legendary equipment cannot be obtained through this method. To acquire epic and legendary equipment, you need to participate in events, open special chests, or complete certain in-game objectives.

5. Legendary and Epic Gathering Commanders: Barbarians won’t drop legendary or epic gathering commanders. These specialized commanders, such as Cleopatra or Gaius Marius, have excellent gathering abilities that can significantly boost your resource acquisition. To obtain them, you can participate in events or purchase them from the special commander sculptures store.

Remember, while defeating barbarians is necessary for resource gathering and acquiring some items, there are specific valuable items that you’ll need to obtain through alternative methods. Stay active, participate in events, and keep an eye out for special offers to acquire these desirable rewards and ensure your Rise of Kingdoms journey flourishes.

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