Which of these is used to rally alliance troop?

Answer: The alliance leader can use a Rally Flag to rally alliance troops.

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, rallying alliance troops is a crucial tactic for coordinated attacks and defense against enemies. The game offers several options for rallying alliance troops, but the most commonly used feature is the alliance rally.

The alliance rally allows players to gather troops from multiple alliance members into a single army, under the leadership of a designated rally leader. This powerful force can then be deployed to launch large-scale attacks on enemy cities, barbarian forts, or resource points, or defend against incoming invasions.

To initiate an alliance rally, the rally leader must have the required technology unlocked and be granted the necessary permissions within the alliance. Once these prerequisites are met, the rally leader can proceed to select the target and set the rally time. Other alliance members can then join the rally by reinforcing the leader’s troops, adding their own to strengthen the army.

Rally leaders can choose specific troop types to be prioritized in the rally, allowing for strategic compositions based on the target’s vulnerabilities. The rally leader can also set the rally size, determining how many troops can be reinforced and how long the rally lasts. It is important for alliance members to be aware of these settings to ensure a coordinated effort.

By rallying troops together, players can combine their forces, pool resources, and maximize their chances of success in battles. A well-coordinated alliance rally can turn the tide of a war and lead to significant victories, ultimately shaping the outcome of the game.

In conclusion, the alliance rally feature in Rise of Kingdoms serves as a key mechanism for players to gather and deploy a formidable army. It allows alliance members to unite their troops under a single leader, granting them the ability to execute strategic attacks or defend against enemy incursions. Mastering the art of rallying alliance troops is crucial for success in the game, as it enables players to leverage the collective strength of their alliance and assert their dominance on the battlefield.

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