Which of these effects isn’t caused by Aethelflaeds skills?

Answer: The effect of increasing resource gathering speed isn’t caused by Aethelflaed’s skills.

Some extra relevant information:

Aethelflaed, the Lady of the Mercians, is one of the most prominent commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Her skills and abilities make her a formidable leader on the battlefield. However, there is one effect that is not caused by Aethelflaed’s skills: healing.

Aethelflaed possesses several skill sets that significantly enhance her troops’ offensive capabilities, increase their combat effectiveness, and provide various other benefits. Her active skill, Rallying Cry, can be used to rally nearby troops and increase their attack by a certain percentage for a limited time. This ability is particularly useful during alliance battles, rallies, or when engaging in combat against other players.

Furthermore, Aethelflaed’s passive skills, along with her expertise skill, offer bonuses such as increased damage to barbarians, increased skill damage to enemy troops, and increased march speed. These abilities make her an excellent choice for players who prefer an aggressive playstyle and want to maximize their offensive potential.

However, Aethelflaed does not possess any skills that directly heal her troops. In contrast, commanders such as Sun Tzu or Joan of Arc are renowned for their healing abilities. Sun Tzu’s active skill, Art of War, restores a percentage of the troops’ slightly wounded units, while Joan of Arc’s active skill, Harmony, provides a significant healing effect to nearby allied troops.

It is essential to consider the strengths and weaknesses of different commanders when building your armies in Rise of Kingdoms. Each commander brings unique abilities to the table, and Aethelflaed’s skills mainly focus on offensive capabilities and support during battles. So, if you are looking for a commander with healing abilities, Aethelflaed might not be the best choice.

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