Which of the following types of bonuses do Not take effect in Ark of Osiris?

Answer: Research Speed bonuses.

Some extra relevant information:

In the exhilarating world of Rise of Kingdoms, Ark of Osiris is a highly anticipated event that draws players from far and wide to compete for glory and rewards. This team-based competition requires careful strategizing and cooperative gameplay to secure victory. However, not all bonuses that players may possess outside of Ark of Osiris carry over into this epic battle.

To understand which types of bonuses do not take effect in Ark of Osiris, it is essential to familiarize ourselves with the mechanics of this game mode. Ark of Osiris is an inter-kingdom event where players team up to capture and hold the mighty Ark, which grants valuable buffs to the controlling team. This event focuses on fair and competitive gameplay by excluding certain bonuses that could potentially create imbalances.

1. Commander Bonuses: Commander talents and skills provide significant advantages in various aspects of Rise of Kingdoms gameplay. However, when it comes to Ark of Osiris, these bonuses are not applicable. Players must rely on the core abilities of their commanders without any additional boosts from talents or skills.

2. Technology Bonuses: The extensive research tree in Rise of Kingdoms allows players to unlock powerful bonuses to strengthen their cities and armies. While these technological advancements play a crucial role in regular gameplay, their effects are nullified when it comes to Ark of Osiris.

3. City Bonuses: Building and upgrading structures within your city grants various bonuses, such as increased resource production, troop training capacity, and more. Although these advantages contribute greatly to a player’s overall strength, they do not carry over into the Ark of Osiris battles. In this mode, players must rely solely on the core capabilities of their armies.

4. VIP Bonuses: The VIP system in Rise of Kingdoms offers a range of benefits, including increased march speed, resource production, and reduced building or research times. However, these perks do not extend their reach into the Ark of Osiris. All players, regardless of their VIP level, compete on a level playing field within this event.

It is important to note that while these bonuses are excluded from Ark of Osiris battles, other factors still come into play. Elements such as army composition, strategy, coordination, and teamwork remain vital in securing victory and capturing the powerful Ark.

Ultimately, understanding which bonuses do not take effect in Ark of Osiris allows players to adjust their approach and tactics accordingly. By focusing on core abilities, team synergy, and efficient use of resources, players can maximize their chances of triumphing in this thrilling inter-kingdom event. So gather your allies, plan your strategy, and prepare for an unforgettable battle in the Ark of Osiris!

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