Which of the following is not pelagius passive skill?

Answer: Charge

Some extra relevant information:

Among the numerous powerful commanders in the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, one prominent figure is Pelagius. Renowned for his command over cavalry and infantry units, Pelagius possesses a set of unique skills that make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. However, out of his various passive skills, one does not belong to him.

The three passive skills that are associated with Pelagius are:

1. Galea: This skill increases the cavalry units’ attack by a certain percentage, making them more lethal during battles. With Pelagius leading the charge, your cavalry forces become significantly more potent, allowing for devastating attacks against enemy armies.

2. Striking March: True to his expertise in leading cavalry units, this passive skill boosts the march speed of Pelagius and the troops he commands. This increased mobility provides a strategic advantage, allowing for faster deployment across the map and swift response to enemy movements.

3. Insane Courage: Pelagius’ final passive skill enhances the damage dealt by his infantry units. With this skill, Pelagius becomes a formidable commander in infantry-heavy battles, inflicting increased harm upon adversaries and turning the tide of engagements.

However, Pelagius does not possess a passive skill called Charge” This particular skill does not belong to him and is associated with a different commander.

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