Which of the following is not one of El Cids skills?

Answer: Chivalry

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, El Cid is a fan-favorite commander with powerful skills. But which of the following is not one of El Cid’s skills? Let’s explore.

El Cid is known for his exceptional combat abilities and leadership on the battlefield. His skills revolve around dealing devastating damage to enemy forces and providing support to his allies. However, not all of his abilities can be categorized as his own unique skills.

One skill that is often mistakenly associated with El Cid but is not actually one of his skills is the “Divine Revelation” skill. While this skill does exist in the game, it belongs to another commander named Belisarius, not El Cid.

El Cid’s skills, on the other hand, consist of “Scipio’s Protection,” “Conquistador,” and “Guardian of Virtue.”

Scipio’s Protection is El Cid’s active skill, granting a shield to his troops that absorbs damage and provides increased defense. This skill is particularly useful in protecting his troops during intense battles, offering a strategic advantage.

Conquistador is El Cid’s first passive skill, boosting his cavalry’s attack and march speed. This skill is perfect for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle, allowing them to quickly mobilize their forces and strike their enemies with force.

Lastly, Guardian of Virtue is El Cid’s second passive skill. It enhances the damage dealt to enemy troops that have been severely wounded, making him a formidable opponent on the battlefield. This skill synergizes well with El Cid’s other abilities, maximizing his potential to eliminate weakened enemy forces.

In conclusion, the skill not belonging to El Cid is “Divine Revelation.” As a player of Rise of Kingdoms, it’s crucial to be aware of each commander’s unique skill sets to make the most effective strategic decisions on the battlefield. By understanding El Cid’s true skills, players can utilize this formidable commander to their advantage and achieve victory in their kingdom.

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