Which of the following is not one of cid’s skills?

Answer: Chivalry

Some extra relevant information:

CID is a powerful commander in the mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, known for his strong leadership and versatile skills. While he possesses several abilities that make him a formidable force on the battlefield, there is one skill that does not belong to him.

Among CID’s impressive skill set, three stand out: Tactical Mastery, Ironside, and Blitzkrieg. Tactical Mastery grants him an additional 5% rage whenever his troops are attacked. This ability allows him to quickly accumulate rage and unleash devastating skills on his enemies.

Ironside is another skill possessed by CID, which increases his troop’s defense by 15%. This enhancement can be a game-changer during intense battles, as it enables CID to withstand more hits from enemy forces and maintain a stronger position on the frontlines.

Lastly, CID possesses the skill Blitzkrieg. This ability empowers his troops with a 15% increased march speed, giving him a strategic advantage when engaging in combat or maneuvering across the map. With Blitzkrieg, CID can swiftly respond to threats or launch surprise attacks on his foes.

However, the skill that is not part of CID’s repertoire is Overwhelm. This skill does not belong to him and therefore, should not be attributed to CID. While it might sound familiar or similar to some other commanders in the game, it is not a skill associated with CID.

To summarize, CID is a formidable commander with Tactical Mastery, Ironside, and Blitzkrieg as his key skills. Remember that Overwhelm is not one of his unique abilities, so be sure to select the correct skills when utilizing CID in battle.

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