Which of the following is not Mulans skill?

Answer: Healing Factor.

Some extra relevant information:

The Rise of Kingdoms game features a variety of powerful and unique commanders, each with their own set of skills and abilities. Mulan, the legendary Chinese warrior, is one such commander known for her martial prowess and leadership. However, among her impressive skill set, there is one skill that does not belong to her.

Mulan’s skills in Rise of Kingdoms are designed to enhance her combat abilities and make her an effective leader on the battlefield. Her active skills include Divine Valor and Iron Spear, which can greatly increase the damage dealt by her troops and boost the effectiveness of her army in warfare.

In addition to her active skills, Mulan possesses several passive skills that further enhance her capabilities. These skills include Female Enlistment, which increases the damage of infantry units under her leadership, and Martial Legend, which provides bonus rage restoration.

However, the skill that does not belong to Mulan is called Archer Talent. This skill is associated with other commanders who specialize in archery and provide bonuses to archer units, not Mulan. While Mulan is a strong commander in her own right, her skills are focused on infantry units, not archers.

It’s important to understand the skills and abilities of each commander in Rise of Kingdoms to effectively strategize and utilize their strengths in battle. Mulan’s skills make her a formidable force on the battlefield and a valuable addition to any army, but her skill set does not include Archer Talent.

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