Which of the following is not a prerequisite for the military technology cartography?

Answer: Ballistics

Some extra relevant information:

In the game Rise of Kingdoms, cartography is a military technology that unlocks various benefits for players. It is crucial for expanding their dominion and gaining an edge in battles. However, not all technologies can be researched right away. Each technology has its prerequisites that players must meet before unlocking them. When it comes to cartography, there are three prerequisites players need to fulfill. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. Machinery: This technology focuses on the development of machinery and siege weapons. It enables players to produce powerful siege units and significantly enhances their effectiveness in battle. To unlock cartography, players must first research and complete the machinery technology.

2. Mathematics: Mathematics is an important prerequisite for cartography. It emphasizes the study of numbers, calculations, and algorithms. This technology provides players with access to advanced mathematical strategies, enabling them to enhance their military tactics and optimize their troop movements. Players must successfully research mathematics before unlocking cartography.

3. Archery: The final prerequisite for cartography is the archery technology. This technology focuses on the development and improvement of archery units and their weaponry. By researching archery, players gain stronger archers and increased accuracy in ranged attacks. They must complete this technology before being able to research cartography.

Out of these three prerequisites, the technology not required for cartography is machinery. Although machinery is a crucial technology for unlocking other benefits, it is not directly linked to cartography. Players must still research mathematics and archery before they can access the valuable advantages of cartography.

Now that you have a better understanding of the prerequisites for cartography, plan your research wisely to drive the expansion of your kingdom and gain a strategic advantage in Rise of Kingdoms.

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