Which of the following does not award Individual Credits?

Answer: Attacking Barbarians

Some extra relevant information:

In the thrilling world of Rise of Kingdoms, Individual Credits play a significant role in determining a player’s performance and contributions. These credits reflect an individual’s efforts and are rewarded for various activities. However, there might be some activities that do not provide Individual Credits. Let’s explore the major aspects of the game and identify which one does not award these valuable credits.

1. Building Upgrades: In Rise of Kingdoms, constructing and upgrading buildings is essential for the growth and development of your civilization. Each completed upgrade contributes towards your Individual Credits, showcasing your dedication and progress.

2. Technology Research: Advancing in technology is crucial for gaining an upper hand in the game. Intensive research boosts your civilization’s capabilities. Every technology breakthrough adds to your Individual Credits, highlighting your commitment to innovation.

3. Troop Training: Building a formidable army is a key component of success in Rise of Kingdoms. Training troops and strengthening their skills not only strengthens your forces but also increases your Individual Credits. Your dedication to military prowess is duly recognized through these credits.

4. Gathering Resources: The game requires a constant influx of resources to sustain the growth and development of your civilization. Engaging in resource gathering activities, such as farming, mining, and lumbering, rewards you with Individual Credits. This highlights your ability to efficiently manage and accumulate resources.

Now, if we consider the aforementioned activities, it becomes clear that each of them contributes to earning Individual Credits except for one, which is gathering resources. Surprisingly, it might seem that gathering resources, an activity of utmost importance, does not directly award Individual Credits. While it is crucial for the development of your civilization, its contribution is not reflected in the Individual Credits system.

In conclusion, out of the various activities in Rise of Kingdoms, gathering resources is the one that does not directly award Individual Credits. However, do not underestimate the significance of resource gathering, as it plays a vital role in sustaining and expanding your empire.

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