Which of the following do not give commanders exp?

Answer: Decoration of Conquest, Dailies, VIP shop, Alliance Honor, Gathering, Chests, Event rewards and normal hiring of commanders.

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, commanders play a pivotal role in leading your army and conquering territories. As you progress in the game, you’ll need to level up your commanders to increase their power and unlock new skills. However, not all activities in the game provide commanders with experience points (EXP). Let’s explore what activities do not give commanders EXP.

1. Training Troops: While training troops is essential for building a strong army, it does not directly give commanders any EXP. However, having a higher level commander increases the training speed and capacity of troops, indirectly aiding the process.

2. Research: The research tree in Rise of Kingdoms allows players to unlock various technologies, improving different aspects of their kingdom, including troops, resource production, and economy. Although commanders play a role in speeding up research processes, they do not earn EXP directly from it.

3. Gathering Resources: Gathering resources is a fundamental part of the game, as it ensures a steady supply for constructing and upgrading buildings, training troops, and conducting research. Unfortunately, commanders do not gain EXP through resource gathering activities.

4. Dispatching Gatherers: Rise of Kingdoms features a powerful feature called “Dispatching Gatherers,” where players can send commanders with gathering talents to collect resources automatically. As beneficial as this feature is, it does not grant any EXP to commanders.

5. Building and Upgrading Structures: Constructing and upgrading various buildings within your city is crucial for its development and overall progress. However, commanders do not gain any EXP through these activities.

6. Opening Silver and Resource Chests: Throughout the game, players have the opportunity to collect silver chests and resource chests, which contain valuable items and resources. Opening these chests provides benefits such as items, resources, and even sculptures for commanders, but no direct EXP gains.

It’s important to note that commanders primarily gain experience through participating in battles, including campaign stages, barbarian forts, events, and especially through rallying and defending against other players in the multiplayer aspects of the game.

While the mentioned activities do not directly give commanders EXP, they are still vital for the overall growth of your kingdom and the development of your commanders indirectly.

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