Which of the following describes a monotheist?

Answer: Someone who worships 1 god.

Some extra relevant information:

A monotheist is someone who believes in the existence of one supreme deity or God. This belief system holds that there is only one divine being who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and present in all aspects of the universe. Monotheists follow a monotheistic religion, such as Christianity, Islam, or Judaism, which are the most widely practiced monotheistic religions in the world.

Unlike polytheism, which acknowledges the existence of multiple gods and goddesses, monotheism emphasizes the oneness of God. Monotheists typically view their deity as the creator and ruler of the universe, with authority over all aspects of life including morality, ethics, and salvation.

Monotheism offers believers a sense of unity and purpose, as they strive to follow the teachings and commandments of their singular divine being. This belief system often provides followers with a set of guidelines on how to live a righteous and fulfilling life. Monotheistic religions also offer various rituals, prayers, and religious practices to connect with and seek guidance from their deity.

The concept of monotheism emerged in different regions across the world at different times in history. For example, Judaism, which is considered one of the oldest monotheistic religions, traces its roots back to ancient Israel. Christianity, which evolved from Judaism, emerged in the 1st century CE with the belief in Jesus Christ as the son of God. Islam, which originated in the 7th century CE, teaches the oneness of Allah as revealed through the Prophet Muhammad.

In summary, a monotheist is an individual who believes in and worships a single divine being, considering it to be the ultimate power and source of guidance in the universe. This belief system is central to several major religions and impacts the lives of millions of people worldwide.

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