Which of the following commanders is bad at gathering?

Answer: Markswoman

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to gathering resources in Rise of Kingdoms, commanders play a crucial role in determining the efficiency and speed at which you can gather. While there are several commanders in the game that excel at gathering resources, there are also a few who are not particularly suited for this task.

One commander who is considered to be less effective at gathering is Cao Cao. Cao Cao is a popular commander known for his powerful cavalry skills and his ability to deal high damage during battles. However, his gathering skills are not as impressive as his combat abilities.

Cao Cao’s skills primarily revolve around increasing cavalry attack, damage, and mobility on the battlefield. While this makes him a formidable commander for military purposes, it doesn’t translate well to resource gathering. Gathering involves maximizing the load capacity, gathering speed, and resource yield, which are not Cao Cao’s strong points.

If you are looking to optimize your gathering efforts, it would be better to consider commanders like Joan of Arc, Constance, or Gaius Marius. These commanders have skills and talents that directly boost gathering efficiency, load capacity, and gathering speed.

In conclusion, while Cao Cao is a powerhouse when it comes to combat, he is not the ideal choice for resource gathering tasks. It is essential to select commanders who specialize in gathering if you want to maximize your resource collection in Rise of Kingdoms.

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