Which of the following cannot be found in alliance shops?

Answer: Legendary commander sculptures.

Some extra relevant information:

Within the world of Rise of Kingdoms, alliance shops play a crucial role in enhancing a player’s gameplay experience. These shops provide a variety of valuable items and resources for purchase using alliance credits, which are earned through alliance activities. However, it’s important to note that not all items can be found in alliance shops.

One item that cannot be found in alliance shops is legendary sculptures. Legendary sculptures are essential for unlocking and leveling up legendary commanders, which are powerful leaders that significantly impact a player’s kingdom. These sculptures are typically obtained through events, special chests, or by using universal sculptures, but they cannot be directly purchased from the alliance shop.

While alliance shops offer a range of useful items, such as speedups, resource bundles, and various other boosts, they do not include legendary sculptures. It is important for players to focus their alliance credits on items that can be obtained exclusively through this particular shop.

To maximize the benefits of alliance shops, players should regularly participate in alliance activities, contribute to the alliance’s growth, and actively engage in events that grant alliance credits. This will allow them to accumulate enough credits to obtain the desired items available in the alliance shop.

In conclusion, while alliance shops in Rise of Kingdoms offer a vast array of valuable items, legendary sculptures cannot be found among the available options. Players must explore other avenues such as events, chests, or universal sculptures to acquire these crucial resources for their legendary commanders.

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