Which of the following awards daily activity points?

Answer: Defeating Barbarians

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms, various activities are rewarded with daily activity points. These points are essential for progressing in the game and unlocking valuable rewards. By actively participating in different tasks and challenges, players can accumulate activity points and reap the benefits.

One of the activities that awards daily activity points is completing daily quests. Rise of Kingdoms offers a range of daily quests that cover diverse aspects of gameplay. These quests can include tasks such as gathering resources, training troops, researching technologies, and participating in battles.

Another way to earn daily activity points is by participating in events. Rise of Kingdoms frequently organizes events that cater to different playstyles and preferences. These events challenge players to complete specific objectives within a limited time frame, such as defeating barbarians, participating in rallies, or gathering resources. Successfully accomplishing these event objectives not only grants rewards but also contributes to the daily activity point count.

Participating in alliance activities is yet another avenue to earn daily activity points. Being an active member of an alliance allows players to engage in activities like alliance donations, flags construction, and reinforcing allies’ cities. By actively participating in these alliance activities, players can accumulate daily activity points and contribute towards their alliance’s overall progress.

Moreover, engaging in battles is a significant source of daily activity points. Whether it’s attacking barbarians and rebels on the map or participating in PvP battles, every successful encounter grants activity points. The more battles a player engages in, the higher their potential for accumulating daily activity points.

In conclusion, several activities in Rise of Kingdoms reward players with daily activity points. Completing daily quests, participating in events, engaging in alliance activities, and battling enemies all contribute to accumulating these points. By actively participating in these activities, players can steadily progress, unlock rewards, and strengthen their kingdoms.

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