Which of the commanders is known as the immortal hammer?

Answer: Charles Martel

Some extra relevant information:

In the realm of Rise of Kingdoms, there is one commander whose name reverberates with legendary tales and unwavering strength. He is none other than Charles Martel, known as the Immortal Hammer.

Charles Martel, the Frankish warlord and strategical genius, is renowned for his unwavering defense and extraordinary leadership on the battlefield. Born in the 8th century, he is most famously remembered for his pivotal role in repelling the Muslim invasion during the Battle of Tours in 732 AD.

Martel’s nickname, the Immortal Hammer, encapsulates his renowned skill at wielding a deadly hammer-like blow against his enemies. His ability to lead troops and establish impenetrable defenses made him a formidable force, turning the tide of many battles in his favor.

In Rise of Kingdoms, Charles Martel is a powerful commander hailing from the infantry category. His exceptional defensive capabilities make him an ideal commander for protecting your city or leading troops into battles where survival is key. When paired with the right secondary commander, Charles Martel’s skills can synergize to create an unstoppable force.

One of Charles Martel’s most revered skills is “Iron Wall,” which grants him an impressive increase in infantry defense and counterattack damage. This, combined with his leadership skills, makes him an ideal choice for leading infantry units and holding the line against enemy onslaughts. His expertise is further solidified with “Martel’s Counterattack,” which can punish enemy attackers who dare to challenge his mighty defense.

What sets Charles Martel apart is his “Immortal Rage” skill, which enhances his damage reduction and counterattack damage even further when his troops are below 50% strength. This ability effectively renders him nearly invincible, earning him the name that echoes throughout the lands.

To harness Charles Martel’s full potential, it is crucial to pair him with a compatible secondary commander. Combinations such as Charles Martel and Richard I or Charles Martel and Eulji Mundeok can create a devastating duo that maximizes infantry defense and damage. These pairings can turn any battle in your favor, annihilating enemies and earning you victory.

In conclusion, Charles Martel, the Immortal Hammer, is a legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms. With his remarkable defensive skills and indomitable spirit, he stands as a testament to unwavering strength and leadership. By utilizing his abilities effectively and pairing him with compatible secondary commanders, you can forge a dominant force that reigns supreme on the battlefield.

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