Which of following is NOT a King skill?

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Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, one of the key elements that players need to focus on is developing the skills of their chosen leaders, known as Kings. These skills play a crucial role in the success of players’ gameplay strategies and the growth of their kingdoms.

While there are several skills available for Kings to acquire, it is important to note that not all skills are directly attributed to their effectiveness in ruling a kingdom. One skill that stands out as not being related to king’s abilities is the “Farming Efficiency” skill.

“Farming Efficiency” is not a king skill in the game. Instead, it is a general term used to describe a player’s ability to efficiently gather resources, such as food, wood, stone, and gold, within their kingdom. It is the responsibility of individual players to optimize their resource gathering by upgrading buildings, assigning commanders with relevant gathering talents, and utilizing gathering boosts or technologies.

The skills that are specifically associated with Kings in Rise of Kingdoms include administrative, combat, economic, and support skills. These skills enhance the king’s ability to manage their kingdom, lead armies into battles, improve economic aspects such as resource production and troop training, and provide support to allies through healing or buffing abilities.

Examples of king skills include “Evergreen,” which increases the construction speed of buildings, “Hold the Line,” which reduces troop injury during battles, “Tax Collection,” which boosts gold production, and “War Drums,” which increases the damage dealt by troops.

Mastering the art of skill development is vital for players aiming to become successful rulers in Rise of Kingdoms. By carefully selecting and investing in the right skills for their Kings, players can greatly enhance their gameplay and strengthen their kingdoms to create a formidable force within the game’s vast world.

In summary, while “Farming Efficiency” is not a king skill in Rise of Kingdoms, players can still optimize their resource gathering abilities through various in-game mechanics and strategies. It is crucial for players to focus on acquiring and upgrading skills that directly impact their kings’ ruling capabilities, combat effectiveness, economy, and support abilities.

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