Which of following did not occur during Greco persian war?

Answer: The Battle of Agincourt

Some extra relevant information:

The Greco-Persian War, which took place between 499 BCE and 449 BCE, was a significant conflict in ancient history. Several events unfolded during this war that shaped the course of Greek civilization and its interactions with the Persian Empire. However, there is one notable event that did not occur during the Greco-Persian War.

One event that did not take place during the Greco-Persian War was the Battle of Thermopylae. This famous battle, famously depicted in the movie “300,” actually occurred during the second Persian invasion of Greece, which is also referred to as the Second Greco-Persian War. The battle took place in 480 BCE, several years after the initial Greco-Persian War.

Despite not occurring during the Greco-Persian War, the Battle of Thermopylae is often associated with this conflict due to its significance in Greek history. The battle saw a small force of Greek warriors, led by King Leonidas I of Sparta, hold off a massive Persian army under King Xerxes I for several days. Although the Greeks were eventually defeated, the Battle of Thermopylae became a symbol of Greek bravery and resistance against the Persian Empire.

During the actual Greco-Persian War, several other significant events did occur. These include the Ionian Revolt, the Battle of Marathon, the Battle of Salamis, and the Battle of Plataea. These conflicts demonstrated the resilience of the Greek city-states against the Persian forces, ultimately leading to the withdrawal of the Persians and the preservation of Greek autonomy.

In conclusion, the Battle of Thermopylae did not occur during the Greco-Persian War. Although closely associated with this historical period, it took place later during the Second Greco-Persian War. Nonetheless, the Greco-Persian War was a critical conflict that shaped Greek history and its relationship with the Persian Empire.

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