Which group conquered the Byzantine Empire?

Answer: The Ottomans

Some extra relevant information:

The Byzantine Empire, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire, faced numerous invasions and conflicts throughout its history. One of the most significant conquests was carried out by the Ottoman Turks. Led by Sultan Mehmed II, the Ottoman Empire successfully captured Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, in 1453.

The Fall of Constantinople marked the end of the Byzantine Empire, which had survived for over a thousand years since the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Ottoman Turks, under Mehmed II’s leadership, utilized a combination of advanced military strategies, modern artillery, and a large army to besiege and ultimately overwhelm the Byzantine defenses.

Constantinople, with its towering walls and strategic location, was considered impregnable for centuries. However, the Ottomans employed innovative tactics, such as the construction and transportation of massive cannons, known as the “Basilica” or “Great Bombard.” These cannons pounded the city’s walls for weeks, creating breaches that allowed the Ottomans to storm the defenses.

On May 29, 1453, after a prolonged siege, the Ottomans breached the walls of Constantinople, leading to intense fighting throughout the city. The Byzantine defense, though valiant, proved insufficient against the Ottoman onslaught. The final Byzantine Emperor, Constantine XI, fought alongside his soldiers until the end, dying in battle.

With the conquest of Constantinople, the Byzantine Empire ceased to exist. The once-great city became the capital of the Ottoman Empire, renamed Istanbul. The fall of the Byzantine Empire had significant geopolitical and cultural ramifications, as Ottoman rule exerted influence over the region for centuries to come.

In conclusion, the group that conquered the Byzantine Empire was the Ottoman Turks, led by Sultan Mehmed II. Their successful siege and capture of Constantinople in 1453 marked the demise of the Byzantine Empire and the beginning of the Ottoman Empire’s dominance in the region.

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